• Seating

  • Westnofa Lounge chair set

    Price: $ 1150.00 (for 3 piece set)

    Black leather on black frames in excellent vintage condition

    Measurements: tall 26" wide x 34" deep back ht. 38"

    low 26" wide x 30" deep back ht. 32"

    ottoman 25" x 21" x 17" ht.

  • Selig of Monroe club chairs

    Price: $ 2650.00  (pair)

    These Selig of Monroe club chairs with chrome legs have been re-upholstered from the ground up in a beautiful gray fabric with extra soft cushions.

    Measurements: 37" wide x 36" deep back ht. 28" (each)

  • Milo Baughman Sofa

    Price: $ 1650.00

    This Milo Baughman for Thayer Coggin sofa with chrome legs is in excellent vintage condition in an oatmeal color.

    Measurements: 86" wide x 34" deep back ht. 31"

  • Mid-Century Modern Bar Stools

    Price: $ 1050.00 (set of 3)

    Set of mid-century modern bar stools in the style of Adrain Pearsall with blue leather seats is in excellent vintage condition.

    Measurements: 17" wide x 20" deep 

    seat ht. 30"

    back ht. 41" 

  • John Stuart teak dining chairs (4)


    A set of teak dining chairs manufactured by CM Madsen, Imported by John Stuart and attributed to Peter Hvidt

    Measurements: 18" x 17"  back ht. 29.5" (each)

  • Chair By Lawrence Peabody

    Price: $ 1250.00

    This chair by Lawrence Peabody is in completely amazing original crushed velveteen fabric in a mustard color.

    The wooden base has been refinished

    Measurements: 30" x 28 back ht. 27"

  • Lounge Chair & ottoman


    Lounge chair and ottoman in original red fabric in great condition.

    Measurements: 33" wide x 27" deep x 39" back ht.

    ottoman 25" x 19"

  • Penguin Chair

    Price: $ 850.00

    Kofod Larsen's Penguin Chair

    It has been restored in a light brown unshaven suede

    Measurements: 21" x 23" back ht' 29"

  • Funky Green Chair

    Price: $760.00

    Funky green chair has been reupholstered in retro fabric in the past

    Measurements: 30" x 35" x  41.5" back

    seat 17" ht

  • Kroehler style chairs (pair)

    Price: $825.00

    Kroehler style chairs in original oatmeal fabric


    tall 28" x 34" x 35"ht

    short 28" x 34 x 30"ht

  • Pair of Club Chairs

    Price: $ 975.00 (pair)

    Pair of blue/gray club chairs in new upholstery

    Measurements: 32" wide x 34" deep x 23" back ht. (each)

  • Modern Style Red Sofa


    Bassett sofa attributed to Adrian Pearsall

    In original fabric in great condition

    Measurements: 85" x 34" x 31" back ht

    seat ht. 16"

  • Pair of Kroehler slipper chairs


    This pair of slipper chairs Manufactured by Kroehler have been completely re-upholstered and wood refinished

    Measurements: 23" x 29" x 30" back ht.

  • Folding Rope Chair


    Yugoslavian folding rope chair in the style of Hans Wegner

    Measurements : to follow

  • Heywood Wakefield Settee

    Price: $950

    Newly upholstered Heywood Wakefield Settee

  • Mid Century Baumritter Lounge Chair


    This chair has original wood finish but does have brand new seating cushions in an off white heather color. The seating straps have been changed out as well'

    Measurements: 27" x 29" x 32"height

  • Stainless Steel Bench

    Price: $135.00

    Stainless steel bench by John Stewart

    newly reupholstered in pig skin

    Measurements: 29" x 17" x 16"ht

  • Mid century low back lounge chair


    This low back dark finish lounge has been fully refinished and the seat straps have been replaced. The red/orange cushions are brend new. This chair will be a colorful addition to any room.

    Measurements:27" wide x 28" long x 28" back height

  • Black leather bench

    Price: $325.00

    Mid-century style leather bench with tapered aluminum legs.

    Measurements: 37" x 20'' x 20''ht.

  • Adrian Pearsall Lounge Chair


    This is a great example of an Adrian Pearsall Model # 2315-C lounge chair. Refinished and new upholstery

    Measurements: 30" wide x 28" deep x 27" back ht.

  • Stickley Parlor Suite

    Price: call for pricing

    This Stickley Parlor Suite is completely original. The manufacturer's markings all indicate that it was manufactured between 1912-1920. All the pieces are signed L&JG Stickley. This very rare set is said to be from the Stickley brothers experimental  period when they were trying to move away from the Arts and Crafts designs. We have not been able to find another set, let alone another piece of this design. The set has been verified as Stickley by a professional auction house. We have not refinished or reupholstered this set, because it is said that Stickley should only be repaired by someone who specializes in Stickley furniture restoration.

    Measurements: Please call to inquire

  • Mid-Century 2 seat stool

    Price: $440.00

    Here is a 2 seat bench attributed to John Stuart, it has been refinished and reupholstered in a gold and black check fabric.

    Measurements: 41" x 17" x 16" ht.

  • Clifford Pascoe side chair


    Side chair by Clifford Pascoe in white vinyl.

    Measurements: 16" wide x 18" deep


  • Leather Club Chairs


    This pair of well worn in leather club chairs has a great look and are very comfortable.

    Made by Mitchell Gold

    Measurements: 41" wide x 38" deep  back ht.29"

  • Penguin Chair


    Here is a great example of Kofod Larsen's Penguin Chair.

    It has been restored and a soft furry salt and pepper calf hide was added to the seat.

    Measurements: 21" wide x 24" deep x 28" ht

  • Slat Bench/Table


    Mid-Century slat bench refinished in a dark walnut, in excellent condition.

    Measurements: 72" wide x 18" deep x 14" ht

  • Westnofa siesta lounge chair set


    These chairs are some of the most comfortable chairs that you will ever sit in. . The rosewood has been refinished and the original black leather has been reconditioned.

    Measurements: 26" x28" x32" back ht. short

                           26 X 28 x 39" back ht. tall

                          26" x 22" ottoman


  • Mid-Century Modern Lounge Chair


    Mid-Century Modern Lounge Chair Manufactured by Tall City

    refinished with new upholstery 

    Measurements: 25.5" wide x 30" deep

    Seat ht. 16"

    Back ht. 31"

  • Milo Baughman lounge chairs


    An amazing set of  lounge chairs designed by Milo Baughman (signed)

    This great set is in original floral patterned fabric in excellent condition. It will brighten any room.

    Measurements: 27" wide x 31" deep seat ht. 16" back ht. 27"   

  • Adrian Pearsall lounge chair


    The amazing style of Adrian Pearsall

    This chair has been refinished and completely reupholstered from the ground up.

    A great addition to any room.

    Measurements: 31" x 38" x 40" back ht.

  • Barrel Chairs (pair)


    A pair of Mid-century barrel chairs completely re-finished and reupholstered.

    Measurements: 31" wide x 32" deep , seat 17" ht back 27" ht.

  • Heywood-Wakefield cats eyes chairs


    A pair of cats eye chairs refinish in champagne whit new fabric

    Measurements: 18'' x 18'' x 19''seat ht.

  • Slipper Chair in the style of Kofod Larsen


    Slipper chair in the style of Kofod Larsen newly refinished and great new upholstered cushions in gray and off white.

    Measurements: 25 x 30" x 27" back ht.




  • Paul McCobb Style lounge chairs (pair)


    Paul McCobb Style Lounge Chairs (pair)

    These amazing mid-century lounge chairs have been newly re-upholstered from the ground up in a gorgeous dark blue velveteen

    Measurements: 30.5 w x 32 deep seat ht 17 back ht 26 (each)

  • Le Corbusier


    Le Corbusier black leather LC2 sofa. (cassina) This sofa is signed with serial number. the leather cushions have been professionally restored and there has been one small leather repair on top cushion, they are in excellent condition. This is an amazing sofa and very comfortable.

    Measurements: 71" x 30" x17" seat ht.